Duracell Powerpack Pro 300


The Duracell’s Powerpack Pro 300 is slightly larger than most car battery boosters, but that isn’t a deterrent when it comes to performance. It not only jumpstarts your vehicle battery but also has two power outlets and two USB ports to provide power to your work tools, lights and mobile devices. From power outages and roadside emergencies to recreation and the great outdoors, you can depend on this gadget to give you the power required. If an outlet is not in reach or plugging into the dashboard’s cigarette lighter is simply not an option, this is the ideal solution.

This mid-range partner is positioned between two successful models – the more powerful but a little outdated Powerpack 450 and the lean on features Powerpack 300. This one feels more balanced for the asking price.

While this item’s main target audience is those in need of immediate power, it is also functioning as a tile inflator and air compressor. This is a useful feature, but if you’re in the market for a portable air compressor, we recommend you get a product focusing on delivering a high and constant pressure, capable of a wider variety of tasks. More on this category here.

Starting Power

The device jump starts with 4, 6 and 8 cylinder vehicles at 1100 Peak Amps. There are a couple of AC outlets with an integrated 300 Watt inverter so you can power up to two household items such as smartphones, laptops, etc. This is sufficient for the everyday use that you’d expect to get out of this product, without becoming too heavy to carry around.

Safety Features

The device follows ETL safety standards. It has a reverse polarity indicator and alarm that help prevent incorrect jumpstarting connection, while inverter overload and short circuit protection is included as well.

Build Quality

It weighs around 22 pounds due to heavy-duty jumper cables. This will do a good service when the time called for jumpstarting a heavy duty vehicle. Another weight is added from the durable plastic casing that seem to protect the inner workings of the battery.


It comes with a one-year warranty, although in some cases they offer 5-year (limited) warranties too. This is on the lower end of the scale, but confirmed customers had positive feedback on the quality and usability.


With a sealed, non-spillable 15Ah AGM battery, it also has a couple of 2.4A USB ports, and one 12 V outlet. The 160 PSI air compressor is useful for roadside emergencies and pumping up sports and recreational equipment. It features a pressure gauge to ensure you achieve the proper PSI.


The AC cord and inflating needles are included with the jump starter in the built-in compartment underneath the handle. Just what is expected from this product – the accessories to handle it’s most frequent usage.


It is an amazing multifunctional charger for automobile owners, campers, emergency preparedness kits and remote construction workers. An emergency LED light makes it easier to work in the in the dark. The Duracell Powerpack Pro 300 can be conveniently recharged from any household AC outlet, making it ready to go whenever you need it. Multiple outlets give you the flexibility to operate several appliances at once, while the battery level indicator indicates the charge level.


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