Jump N Carry JNC300XL​

Jump N Carry JNC300XL
Jump N Carry JNC300XL​
Jump N Carry JNC300XL​

A lot of people generally look to the Jump N Carry JNC 600, but the JNC300XL Jump Starter is a great alternative as well. Majority of users have found it very convenient, especially the high intensity work light when it is dark.

Starting Power

Due to the Jump N Carry Proformer battery technology, this device is undoubtedly one of the best when it comes to jump starting your vehicle. The Jump N Carry Proformer batteries are designed to last long in order to provide extraordinary cranking power and a durable cranking. In other words, this jump starter is capable of delivering just the right amount of power required for most passenger vehicles, 4-cylinders, 6-cylinders, and even larger vehicles.

Safety Features

Full-sized clamps can help to prevent corrosion of the battery. As mentioned, the work light is lifesaver especially if it is dark. It ensures you don’t go wrong while jump starting the vehicle and prevent unwanted incidents during emergencies.

Build Quality

If you compare the JNC300 with the 660 version, the very first thing that comes to mind is the weight of the former. It is actually half the weight at 9 pounds versus 18 pounds. Because of the smaller size and weight, there is a much greater chance that you will keep the jump starter in your trunk rather than leaving it in the garage where it won’t be much help if you are stranded with a dead battery. It can be transported everywhere without hassle.


It comes with a standard one year warranty, along with a Jump N Carry repair service coupon, so you can get the jump starter repaired at a one time fixed price, whatever the damage might be!


The JNC300 has 900 peak amps and 225 cranking amps, which can be used on cars, minivans, motorcycles, small boats, etc.


The jump starter also has quality parts that are meant to sustain the power of this unit. These include a heavy duty cable leads that is mated to the battery’s output and 27-inch long jumper cables for hard to reach batteries.


It is evident why the Jump N Carry JNC300XL is one of the best sellers on Amazon – the combination of being lightweight and powerful, at a low price is certainly irresistible.


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