NOCO​ ​GB40​

NOCO​ ​GB40​
NOCO​ ​GB40​

Noco Genius Boost GB40 is one of the most reliable jump starters as it can work for 5-8 times even with one-time charging. This product is suitable for any passenger vehicle that has either 6 liters gas engine or 3 liters diesel engine. The most interesting thing to know about this jump starter is its tiny size that can handle heavy performance with amazing build quality. NOCO​ ​Genius​ ​Boost​ ​Plus​ ​GB40​ jump starter can bring you home safely with its exceptional service.

Starting Power

There is no doubt to say that NOCO​ ​Genius​ ​Boost​ ​Plus​ ​GB40​ is a powerful jump starter that can bring your vehicle into action just within 1 to 3 seconds. It delivers 7000 J3S with its 1000 Amps peak starting current. While not as powerful as it’s sibling, Boost GB150, it packs plenty for most common uses.

Safety Features

Noco GB40 2
Noco GB40 2

The connecting cables are very flexible and designed to perform heavy duty operations. These jump starters are easy to use with reverse polarity design and you will not observe any spark when they are connected to the battery.

Build Quality

NOCO​ ​Genius​ ​Boost​ ​Plus​ ​GB40​ jump starters are well known for their small size with overall dimensions somewhere around 3.2×6.7×1.7 inches. It can be easily stored in a glove compartment as well as in the tool box. build quality is high, and consumers feedback is very positive when it comes to the products durability.


This jump starter comes with a limited one year warranty so buyers can ensure a safe purchase. It is one the shorter end of the Jump Starters niche, but seem as if build quality is compensating.


Other than gas and diesel engines, this jump starter can be used to charge other electronic devices such as headsets, iPad, iPhone, tablets, smartphones and Bluetooth devices. The product comes with a 5Volt, 2A USB port that can handle all changing requirements on the go.

Noco GB40 5
Noco GB40 5


In the box of NOCO​ ​Genius​ ​Boost​ ​Plus​ ​GB40​ you will find various accessories such as microfiber storage bag, Micro USB cable, 12V car charger, heavy Duty Battery Clamps, user manual and warranty details.


If you are searching for a high quality satisfying jump starter to ensure you a trouble free journey then you can trust upon NOCO​ ​Genius​ ​Boost​ ​Plus​ ​GB40​. This product offers efficient and reliable service with its all rounder design.


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